Power BI Course

for Business Users

Build your expertise:

  • Learn how to explore data
  • Adjust reports to suit your business needs
  • Stay up to date with notifications related to
  • Collaborate with your team based on scorecards

4-hours video materials
created based the experience of 300+
DATA & AI projects


Which areas of Power BI we address?

Introduction to Business Intelligence

Collaboration with team

Introduction to

Power BI Service

Work with Power BI mobile App

Data Exploration key concepts

Advanced knowledge

Learn to work effectively on ready-made Power BI reports and environment

Study path:

1. Learn at any time you want

Use our online platform

2. Consolidate knowledge

Work on the ready-made report

Take quizzes to verify your knowledge

3. Receive feedback

Ask your questions below lessons and contact with our trainers

Get confirmation of your new competencies!

Certificate of course completion

  • Pass the final knowledge test and get certified
  • Certificates are personal and posted on a dedicated website
  • You can download them, link them to your Resume, and put them in the "Licenses & Certifications" section on Linkedin

Elitmind Academy guarantees the highest quality of knowledge and supports you during your study

Certified trainers and practitioners

Our trainers gain experience based by carrying out commercial projects.

You follow the course at your own pace

Decide when you want to learn with On-Demand Lessons.

Contact and support for 12 months

We provide you the online platform with full support.

Content update

We update the knowledge on our courses on a regular basis due to technology major changes.

Meet your trainer

Jakub Jagosz

Data & Analytics Consultant

Business Analyst at Elitmind with experience in many industries such as aviation, robotics, fashion, and retail. Certified expert of Microsoft solutions in the field of Data Management and Analysis.

Passionate about creating solutions using the Power BI platform - from simple one-page reports to complex applications. For many years, he has been passionate about the latest technologies, as well as economics and business. Jakub has extensive knowledge of the functioning of key areas of enterprises with a specialization in finance and accounting.

Why is it worth it?

Do you need more information to decide? Learn more about the course, its benefits, and goals it helps you achieve from the very creator himself, your new Trainer - Jakub Jagosz:

Our expertise comes with experience

Our team has won the Microsoft Solutions Partner status in the Data &AI Azure (Specialist in Analytics and Machine Learning), Digital & App Innovation Azure and Infrastructure Azure categories.

This proves that we are experts and practitioners in Data Analytics. We have the entire package of passed Microsoft certificates and we systematically implement solutions based on Power BI for our largest clients.

Course agenda

4 hours of video lessons in 6 thematic modules!

1. Course introduction

  • Welcome to the course
  • License requirements
  • How to study

2. Power BI Overview

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Power BI Platform
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power BI in Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Homework
  • Quiz

3. Working with Power BI Service

  • Introduction
  • Power BI Service Interface
  • Reports, Dashboards & Apps
  • Datasets
  • Scorecards
  • Homework
  • Quiz

4. Key Concept of data exploring with Power BI

  • Introduction
  • Filtering & Sorting
  • Interactions on reports
  • Personalization in Power BI Service
  • Power BI Service Dashboards
  • Homework
  • Quiz

5. Collaboration in Power BI Service

  • Introduction
  • Sharing reports with internal and external users
  • Communication channels connected with reports
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Homework
  • Quiz

6. Working with Mobile App

  • Introduction
  • Installing and configuration
  • App interface & navigation
  • Report consumption in mobile app
  • Homework
  • Quiz

Try the demo version

You will gain access to the Power BI for Business Users course for 30 days to:

  • See 5 free lessons
  • Test the Elitmind Academy platform
  • See how the full course is split into Modules and Lessons
  • See how knowledge quizzes verify your knowledge look like
  • Look at how to prepare for the test and certification

Free lessons available in the demo:

  • Power BI Overview - Power BI Platform
  • Working with Power BI Service - Datasets
  • Key Concept of data exploring with Power BI - Interactions on reports
  • Collaboration in Power BI Service - Communications channels connected with reports
  • Working with Mobile App - Report consumption in mobile app

Scope adjusted to your needs

Are you starting your adventure with reports exploration?

  • Learn how to work in the Power BI Service
  • Analyze and explore reports
  • Export data to other tools (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Personalize the appearance of your reports
  • Set up notifications related to KPIs
  • Work with scorecards and measure progress
  • Share the results with the team and the whole organization
Buy 'Individual'

Do you want to improve the team's competencies?

  • Build or equalize the knowledge of the entire team or organization on how to work effectively with reports
  • Use the Knowledge Base and address common questions on how to work with Power BI
  • Combine the course with dedicated consultations for the team

Choose the most suitable option:


4 hours
of video lessons in 6 thematic modules

190 USD / 850 PLN Gross

(Tailor-made offer)

4 hours of video lessons in 6 thematic modules together with a consultation package for the teams

Buy Now!

Recommended for:

  • Individual Business User

Course Agenda:

  • Course introduction
  • Power BI Overview
  • Working with Power BI Service
  • Key Concept of data exploring with Power BI
  • Collaboration in Power BI Service
  • Working with Mobile App


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Annual access to course and materials

Recommended for:

  • Teams expected additional business or technical consultations
  • Business Users from all departments

Course Agenda:

  • Course introduction
  • Power BI Overview
  • Working with Power BI Service
  • Key Concept of data exploring with Power BI
  • Collaboration in Power BI Service
  • Working with Mobile App
  • Advanced Scenarios (ie: Power Apps, Power Automate)


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Consultations for your team with our experts who have completed 100+ projects
  • Access to private consultation group only for your Organization
  • Annual access to course and materials


1. When does the training start and how long does it last?

It's up to you - you start the course right after you buy it! All material is immediately available. The course is designed for one week of study (on average, 1-2 hours of material per day). How quickly you process the material is entirely up to you.

2. How the course is conducted?

The course is divided into thematic modules described in the course content section. Each module consists of video lessons conducted by our consultant trainers. You can play the lessons whenever you want - these are max. 15-minute educational materials.

3. What if I have questions during the course?

You can ask questions under each lesson and the trainer will answer them regularly. We plan to run live Q&A sessions (webinars) occasionally where we will discuss homework and all your questions. Each Q&A session will be recorded and available to reach for at any time.

4. Is paid access to Power BI PREMIUM required?

No, the Power BI PREMIUM is not required. The course requires free Power BI PRO version (for which you can have a 60-day free account). In the process, you have the opportunity to use our Power BI environment for learning.

5. How long does the course access last?

After purchasing the course, you get unlimited access to all its content for 1 year. Power BI is developing very dynamically. We plan to systematically add updates to the course, which will show the new capabilities of the tool.

6. What if I am not satisfied with the course?

Contact us at contact@elitmindacademy.com. We will listen to your arguments and propose a solution.

7. What is the content of the course?

Our course consists of thematic modules available immediately at the time of purchase. See the course content section above for details.

8. What language is the course in?

The course is conducted in English.

9. Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice. We will send it to you after the payment is made and the payment is credited.

10. How can I get my employer to cover the cost of the course?

Email us at contact@elitmindacademy.com. We will issue a proforma invoice for your employer, and we will deliver the final invoice after the payment is made.

11. What are the available payment methods?

We are integrated with the Polish payment gateway Stripe and PayNow, which allows you to pay by online transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.

12. What to do if I have additional questions?

We will be happy to answer all your questions at: contact@elitmindacademy.com.

13. Where can I read the terms and conditions?

You can find it at the link: terms and conditions.

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