The Analyst's role

In the organization

Build your knowledge in practice:

  • Explore all analytics products
  • Match the types of visualizations to individual recipients and metrics
  • Get to know plenty of soft tools that will allow you to cooperate with other users effectively
  • Learn about the practical differences between on-premises and cloud solutions

8-hours video materials
created based the experience of 300+
DATA & AI projects


Areas we address:


Database design

Communication with SQL databases

Cooperation with other users

Process analysis

Product vision development

Acquire necessary skills
for the Analyst role:

Course agenda

8 hours of video lessons in 8 thematic modules!

1. Course introduction

  • Welcome to the full stack analyst course
  • Course guide
  • Business case

2. Analytical overview

  • Module Introduction
  • Process and project mode
  • Analytical roles
  • Products of analysis
  • Homework
  • Quiz

3. High-level analysis

  • Module introduction
  • Input to high-level analysis
  • Products: mind maps
  • Products: organization structure
  • Products: documentation
  • Homework
  • Quiz

4. Process Analysis

  • Module introduction
  • BPMN notation: basic elements
  • BPMN notation: Gateways and flows
  • Business case: AS IS
  • Business case: TO BE
  • KPI
  • Documentation update
  • Homework
  • Quiz

5. Product Vision

  • Module introduction
  • Pain points and solutions
  • Mockups
  • Mockups in details
  • Mockups - types of visualizations
  • Other interesting visualizations
  • Homework
  • Quiz

6. Databases

  • Module introduction
  • Basic information
  • Cardinalities
  • Tables models
  • Transactional vs. reporting databases
  • The business case - reporting database
  • Documentation - update & review
  • Homework
  • Quiz

7. SQL for the analyst

  • Module Introduction
  • Create the environment
  • Objects on the database
  • Filtration and sorting
  • Aggregation and mapping
  • Union, Union All, Intersect, Except
  • Left join, Right join, Inner join, Full join
  • The risk of duplication
  • How to identify duplication?
  • Queries for the business case part 1
  • Queries for the business case part 2
  • Useful tips
  • Homework
  • Quiz

8. Appendix

  • Module introduction
  • Cloud and on-premise
  • Communication cases

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You will gain access to the The Analyst role in the organization course for 30 days to:

  • See 5 free lessons
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Free lessons available in the demo:

  • Analytical overview - Analytical roles
  • High-level analysis - Products: Documentation
  • Process analysis - KPI
  • Product vision - Mockups
  • Databases - Tables models

Perfect your skills

based on a business scenario inspired
by the analyst's daily work

Study path:

1. Learn at any time you want

Use our online platform

2. Consolidate knowledge

Work on the ready-made report

Take quizzes to verify your knowledge

3. Receive feedback

Ask your questions below lessons and contact with our trainers

Get confirmation of your new competencies!

Certificate of course completion

  • Pass the final knowledge test and get certified
  • Certificates are personal and posted on a dedicated website
  • You can download them, link them to your Resume, and put them in the "Licenses & Certifications" section on Linkedin

Elitmind Academy guarantees the highest quality of knowledge and supports you during your study

Certified trainers and practitioners

Our trainers gain experience based by carrying out commercial projects.

You follow the course at your own pace

Decide when you want to learn with On-Demand Lessons.

Contact and support for 12 months

We provide you the online platform with full support.

Content update

We update the knowledge on our courses on a regular basis due to technology major changes.

Meet your trainer

Małgorzata Langowska

Senior Data & Analytics Consultant · Consulting

Business analyst at Elitmind with 8 years of experience in the area of reporting, both at the operational and strategic level. In his work, he focuses on ensuring that the designed and implemented solutions are both technically efficient and intuitive to use for end users.

Passionate about creating solutions using the Power BI platform. Her professional motto that sums up her passion for data analytics is the saying: "Analysis is not a profession - it's a state of mind".

Why is it worth it?

Do you need more information to decide? Learn more about the course, its benefits, and the goals it helps you achieve from the very creator herself, your new Trainer- Małgorzata Langowska:

Our expertise comes with experience

Our team has won the Microsoft Solutions Partner status in the Data &AI Azure (Specialist in Analytics and Machine Learning), Digital & App Innovation Azure and Infrastructure Azure categories.

This proves that we are experts and practitioners in Data Analytics. We have the entire package of passed Microsoft certificates and we systematically implement solutions based on Power BI for our largest clients.

Choose the most suitable option:


8 hours of video lessons in 8 thematic modules

795 USD / 3450 PLN Gross

(Tailor-made offer)

8 hours of video lessons in 8 thematic modules together with a consultation package for the teams

Recommended for:

  • Individual user

Course Agenda:

  • Course introduction
  • Analytical overview
  • High-level analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Product vision
  • Databases
  • SQL for the analyst
  • Appendix


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Annual access to course and materials

Recommended for:

  • Teams awaiting additional business consultations
  • Analytical teams

Course Agenda:

  • Course introduction
  • Analytical overview
  • High-level analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Product vision
  • Databases
  • SQL for the analyst
  • Appendix


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Consultations for your team with our experts who have completed 100+ projects
  • Access to private consultation group only for your Organization
  • Annual access to course and materials


1. When does the training start and how long does it last?

It's up to you - you start the course right after you buy it! All material is immediately available. The course is designed for one week of study (on average, 1-2 hours of material per day). How quickly you process the material is entirely up to you.

2. How the course is conducted?

The course is divided into thematic modules described in the course content section. Each module consists of video lessons conducted by our consultant trainers. You can play the lessons whenever you want - these are max. 15-minute educational materials.

3. What if I have questions during the course?

You can ask questions under each lesson and the trainer will answer them regularly. We plan to run live Q&A sessions (webinars) occasionally where we will discuss homework and all your questions. Each Q&A session will be recorded and available to reach for at any time.

4. Is paid access to Power BI PREMIUM required?

No, the Power BI PREMIUM is not required. The course requires free Power BI PRO version (for which you can have a 60-day free account). In the process, you have the opportunity to use our Power BI environment for learning.

5. How long does the course access last?

After purchasing the course, you get unlimited access to all its content for 1 year. Power BI is developing very dynamically. We plan to systematically add updates to the course, which will show the new capabilities of the tool.

6. What if I am not satisfied with the course?

Contact us at We will listen to your arguments and propose a solution.

7. What is the content of the course?

Our course consists of thematic modules available immediately at the time of purchase. See the course content section above for details.

8. What language is the course in?

The course is conducted in English.

9. Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice. We will send it to you after the payment is made and the payment is credited.

10. How can I get my employer to cover the cost of the course?

Email us at We will issue a proforma invoice for your employer, and we will deliver the final invoice after the payment is made.

11. What are the available payment methods?

We are integrated with the Polish payment gateway Stripe and PayNow, which allows you to pay by online transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.

12. What to do if I have additional questions?

We will be happy to answer all your questions at:

13. Where can I read the terms and conditions?

You can find it at the link: terms and conditions.

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