Webinar Host:

Sylwia Pawlaczyk

Data & Analytics Consultant, Lead of Sustainability & ESG Reporting at Elitmind



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Product Safety & Compliance Expert, Regulatory Specialist

8 years of experience working with technical documentation in worldwide companies. Master of Material Science specializing in Polymers, Master of Production Management, and Technology of Chemistry Engineer. Last 4 years setting up product compliance strategies, processes, and procedures for organizations. Trainer and auditor.

Privately passionate about sustainable business growth by mastering the newest regulatory requirements and transferring them into opportunities.

Data & Analytics Consultant

Excited about transforming complex datasets into actionable insights, driving informed business decisions for diverse clients across industries. Conceptualizing and executing advanced analytics solutions, optimizing data infrastructure, and delivering quantifiable value through strategic, data-driven recommendations.

What can you expect of
Elitmind Academy webinar:


Our knowledge comes from years of experience in over 100 diverse commercial projects in the field of Data & AI.


We love what we do, and it's evident in our daily work - that's why we are delighted to share our experience.


Together with our partner, Microsoft, we will present to you the latest selection of recommended and proven technologies by us.

Knowledge supported with an experience:

Our tea acquired the title of Microsoft Solutions Partner in the following categories: Data &AI Azure (Specialist in Analytics and Machine Learning), Digital & App Innovation Azure and Infrastructure Azure.

This means that we are experts and practitioners in business analytics. We hold a comprehensive set of Microsoft certifications and consistently implement analytical solutions for our largest clients.

Check out why "flying excels" are no longer sufficient and prepare to meet new ESG reporting requirements!


Check out why "flying excels" are no longer sufficient and prepare to meet new ESG reporting requirements!