Power BI for Report Creators

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Build your knowledge based on real examples:

  • Create a strategic report for the management board from scratch
  • Optimize operational reports for order fulfillment
  • Conduct and visualize the profitability analysis in the company

All this is in over 20 hours of materials created on the basis of experience from 300+ DATA & AI projects.

New module every two weeks!



Access to various data sources

Data cleaning and profiling

Data modeling and working with DAX

Data exploration

Visualization and navigation

Mobile reports

Good and bad practices in Power BI



In addition to over 20 hours of video lessons contained in 12 modules, we also create a database of Q&A recordings on an ongoing basis, during which we present news from the world of Power BI and answer students' questions. This database is already over 24 hours long and is constantly growing - these are additional recordings, full of practical knowledge!

1. Introduction
(6 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Course plan
  • Final effect
  • Requirements
  • How to study
  • Homework

2. Power BI​ overview
(11 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Power BI Platform
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Services
  • Power BI as a part of Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Common mistakes ​​
  • Homework
  • External tools for Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Premium per User

3. Data preparation
(15 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Introduction to Power Query
  • Working with Data Sources 
  • Common data transformations​
  • Profiling and cleaning data​
  • Text column transformations
  • Number column 
    transformations ​
  • Data & Time transformations​
  • Appending Queries​
  • Merging Queries​
  • Grouping and aggregating data​
  • Advanced table transformations
  • Common mistakes
  • Homework
  • Additional data loading options

4. Data modeling
(11 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Introduction to data modeling
  • Difference between Normalization and Denormalization
  • Modeling patterns
  • Creating Tables
  • Introduction to relations
  • Relations in practice 
  • Time dimension
  • Calculated columns
  • Common mistakes
  • Homework

5. Introduction DAX

(14 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • DAX fundamentals​
  • Context in DAX formulas​
  • Calculated measures and columns
  • Aggregating and interacting formulas
  • CALCULATE function​
  • Working with context queries ​
  • Business calculations in DAX​
  • Time Intelligence​
  • Context transition - theory​
  • Context transition - practice​
  • Common mistakes ​
  • Homework
  • Calculations group

6. Data exploration
(9 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Report building
  • Data filtering
  • Interactions within report
  • Hierarchies
  • Parameter What-IF
  • AI visualizations 
  • Common mistakes
  • Homework

7. Data visualization
(12 lessons)

  • Module overview ​
  • Power BI visual configuration​
  • Executive summary scenario: numbers presentation ​
  • Executive summary scenario: category comparison 
  • Executive summary scenario: time changes ​
  • Executive summary scenario: elements of the unit ​
  • Product category growth scenario: Correlations and relationships ​
  • Executive summary scenario: Tables ​
  • Building a functional dashboard​
  • Good practices in data visualization (and common mistakes) ​
  • Homework​
  • Additional options of report analytics

8. Navigation in reports
(9 lessons)

  • Module overview 
  • Interaction between reports
  • Buttons
  • Working with bookmarks
  • Drill through
  • Navigation between reports
  • Common mistakes
  • Homework
  • Power BI paginated reports​

9. Power BI mobile reports
(5 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Designing mobile reports in Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI mobile apps
  • Common mistakes
  • Homework

10. Good & bad practices
(5 lessons)

  • Module overview
  • Good practices in data preparation and modeling
  • Good practices in data visualization
  • Good practices in working with the Power BI service
  • Homework


Module 4| Lesson 3 | Difference between Normalization and Denormalization

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Free lessons available in the demo:

  • Power BI Overview - Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Data preparation - Number column transformation
  • Data modeling - Introduction to data modeling
  • Introduction to DAX - DAX fundamentals
  • Data exploration - Interactions within reports


The course meets my expectations as much as possible, it is even more extensive than I expected and it opened my eyes to the possibilities offered by Power BI and how little I have used so far. I will certainly come back to the recordings after the end of the course and I am going to implement the presented good practices in my own reports.

Magdalena Banasiewicz

Analyzes and databases specialist

Thanks to you, I discover new areas in Power BI anew. Organizing the whole thing, how these lessons and Q&A sessions are conducted - compared to other courses - then this course is conducted in an exemplary manner. For example, the DAX module, although the matter is difficult, Kamil led it and explained the topic in a great and professional way.

Marcelin Matusiak

Marketing Intelligence Expert | Insight Manager | BI Explorer

The course is great! A lot of knowledge, practical examples and a lot of commitment led by Paweł at the helm. Technically flawless. If there is a continuation, I will certainly take part in it. I recommend to friends.

Robert Grosse

Controlling and Business Intelligence Consultant




Our trainers simultaneously carry out commercial projects.


We provide you with knowledge all year round with updates.


Decide when you want to learn thanks to the lessons on demand.


You have 21 days to check our online course

Study path:

1. Learn at any time you want

Use our online platform

2. Consolidate knowledge

Work on the ready-made report

Take quizzes to verify your knowledge

3. Receive feedback

Ask your questions below lessons and contact with our trainers


Certificate is the proof of completing our course

  • Certificates are individual and posted on a dedicated website
  • You can download them, link them to your CV and put them in the "Licenses & Certifications" section on Linkedin

Our expertise comes with experience

Our team has won the Microsoft Solutions Partner status in the Data &AI Azure (Specialist in Analytics and Machine Learning), Digital & App Innovation Azure and Infrastructure Azure categories.

This proves that we are experts and practitioners in Data Analytics. We have the entire package of passed Microsoft certificates and we systematically implement solutions based on Power BI for our largest clients.



Business Intelligence Architect

He specializes in Power BI Enterprise solutions, advanced analytics, data migrations, and integration as well as data solutions in Microsoft Azure. He has over 10 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. Previously, he was a BI analyst and consultant for many years, taking part in projects at the largest Polish banks. Kamil was a speaker at, among others: SQLDay, SQL Saturday, and Azure Day. He likes to play squash and write DAX code.

Kamil covers following topics:

  • Data modeling
  • DAX
  • Mobile Reports


Azure Product Manager

In 2007, Paweł founded the Polish SQL Server User Group (PLSSUG), which today is known as Data Community Poland. Paweł was a speaker at many conferences in Poland and around the world (eg SQLDay, SQLSaturday, European PASS Conference). In his career, he was awarded eight times with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Co-creator of the Power BI series in practice. Currently working at Microsoft.

Paweł covers the following topics:

  • Power BI Platform
  • Architecture
  • DataFlows


Expert in advanced data visualization

BI Consultant and analyst with many years of practice for which the most complex visualizations are not the slightest problem. She gained experience in analytical departments of such organizations as HSBC, T-Mobile, RBS, and Cisco. Participant and speaker at many data visualization events.

Paulina covers the following topics:

  • Data visualization
  • Story-telling
  • Report navigation

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Individual User:

  • Analysts
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  • Consultants

Course Agenda:

  • Full course agenda available


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Annual access to course and materials

Recommended for:


  • Analysts teams
  • Consultant teams

Course Agenda:

  • Full course agenda available


  • Homework and Quizzes
  • Access to live & recorded Q&A sessions
  • Consultations for your team with our experts who have completed 300+ projects
  • Access to private consultation group only for your Organization
  • Course scope prepares for the PL-300 certificate
  • Group Q&A consultations with trainers. New lessons are uploaded every two months.
  • PL-300 exam voucher
  • Annual access to course and materials


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If you have doubts about whether the course meets your expectations, write to us at: contact@elitmindacademy.com

We provide a 21-day money-back guarantee!


1. When does the training start and how long does it last?

You start the course right after you buy it! Subsequent mods will be released every 2 weeks. The course is designed for 10 weeks. How quickly you process the material is entirely up to you.

2. How will the course be conducted?

The course is divided into thematic modules described in the course content section. Each module consists of video-recorded lessons conducted by our consultant trainers. You can play the lessons whenever you want - these are up to 30 minutes of educational materials.

3. What if I have questions during the course?

Every third month we plan to host a live Q&A session (webinar) where we will discuss homework and all your questions. Each Q&A session will be recorded and playable at any time.

In addition, especially for the course, we have launched a closed group on Facebook, where you will be able to discuss topics related to Power BI with both trainers and other students.

4. Do I have to purchase paid access to Power BI PREMIUM as part of the course?

No. Advanced course modules require the Power BI PRO version, for which you can have a 60-day free account. During the course, we will help you access this version of Power BI.

5. How long will I have access to the course?

After purchasing the course, you get unlimited access to all its content for 1 year. Power BI is developing very dynamically. We plan to systematically add updates to the course that will show the new capabilities of the tool.

6. What if I am not satisfied with the course?

Contact us at contact@elitmindacademy.com. We give you 21 days to change your mind and guaranteed your money back.

7. What is the content of the course?

Our course consists of thematic modules available immediately at the time of purchase. See the course content section above for details.

8. What language is the course in?

The course is in English.

9. Will I get an invoice?

Yes. We will send it to you after the payment is made and the payment is credited.

10. How can I get my employer to cover the cost of the course?

Email us at contact@elitmindacademy.com. We will issue a proforma for your employer, and we will deliver the final invoice after the payment is made.

11. What payment methods are available?

We are integrated with the payment gateway Stripe and PayNow, which allows you to pay by online transfers, credit cards, and BLIK.

12. Where can I go if I have additional questions?

We will be happy to answer all your questions at: contact@elitmindacademy.com.

13. Where can I read the regulations?

You can find it at the link: terms and conditions


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